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LED stays on softly

LED stays on softly when the switch is in the off position. Do you have a dimmer? First check whether your dimmer is suitable for LED. This is the most common cause.

Something in the house is causing leakage. Leakage current is caused by several factors.

For example, if there is also unintentional power on the blue wire, it can cause an LED to glow dimly. LED requires very little power and can therefore remain on.

This is not good for the LED lamps. These will then remain in use 24 hours a day.

This is easy to solve to first see what causes it. First check that all wiring is properly connected. See which devices are on and literally pull the plug one by one. If LED goes out, you have found the cause of LEK current from LED

Doesn't this work? Then it can be caused by the wiring in the house. This is easy to solve. A handy device is connected to the terminal block of the LED lamp. This is called a stabilizer.

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